We are instructed to sing with understanding as we offer musical worship to the Lord. Kevin Inafuku helps us learn what intentional worship is and how to develop it in a church. You will be encouraged by Kevin's heart and experience! 

Mike Hess is the National Director of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He loves pastors and is focusing energy on helping struggling churches. Listen as Mike talks about how to know when revitalization is needed, key people in revitalization, available resources, and God's heart for the struggling church. After the interview we'll end the podcast with prayer for you! 

I wish I knew Scott when I was pastoring! Scott Owen is a certified counselor specializing in relational wisdom. This interview will encourage you and point you to helpful resources as you deal with conflict in your church. 

In this first episode of 2020, I'll share an encouraging truth for when you're feeling inadequate for the heavy responsibilities of pastoring, then discuss how Ephesians 4:13 helps you understand church growth. I'll also introduce you to my new book, The Thriving Church: The True Measure of Growth, based on Ephesians 4:1-16. 

After sharing an encouraging truth, we'll talk about five ways to survive the extra stress pastors feel during the month of December. I will also recommend a book to read over the holidays or as you start the new year. Merry Christmas, pastor friend!

This interview with Christian medical doctor Narasimha Palagummi addresses basic practices for a pastor's physical health. Topics include diet, exercise, and rest, dealing with stress, how to lose weight, healthy amounts of caffeine, how the mind and body influence each other, and more. You will enjoy Dr. Sim!

After sharing an encouraging truth about shepherding hurting people, I'll give you 10 simple practices to pursue if you are the only pastor of your church. 

After sharing an encouraging truth for pastors, I talk about factors that influence young men toward ministry. I hope you'll use some of these ideas to help future pastors find their way. 

I'll encourage you from Nehemiah's prayer when in trouble, talk about more basic practices for pastoral health, look at threats to pastoral health, then wrap up with how to protect and recover it. 

We continue talking about basic practices for cultivating pastoral health. 

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